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Morgentau B&B - Accommodation in Hermannsburg

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Po Box 1
Kwazulu Natal
South Africa

Morgentau B&B is named after the morning dew which is inherent to the Kranskop/ Hermannsburg region of Kwazulu Natal. This B&B lies at 1,200 metres above sea level. The Hermannsburg / Kranskop area is extremely picturesque with valleys, mountains, rivers and dramatic krantzes. Beautifully preserved meadows abound with wild flowers and a wide variety of birds. Hermansburg is a historic tourist att

At Morgentau B&B you find wonderful hospitality, food and relaxation, peace and quiet. It is an idyllic haven for the weary traveler. Quanta, your hostess, makes you feel welcome, gives you personal attention, spoils you and imbues the Guesthouse with a grounded cosmopolitan simplicity. The accommodation is warm and stylish with a hearty honesty. Quanta is a 4th generation South African of German extraction and speaks fluent German and English.

morgentau B&BHer ancestors came to the Hermannsburg area in the 1860s as missionaries. Quanta is one of six children who grew up in the farmhouse. After living in Durban for 38 years she came back in the year 2000 to fulfil a lifelong dream of opening the Morgentau B&B Guesthouse. If you are looking for a cultural feast Morgentau B&B is the place to be. Morgentau B&B is a jewel between German and Zulu Culture. Here a guest is embraced with hospitality and warmth and kindness. It is an inspirational environment for innovative thoughts and harmony.

Tel:(033)4450604 - Fax:(033)4450544 - Cell:(072)4803739 - email:quanta@morgentau.co.za
Po Box 1, Hermannsburg, 3258, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa